Rogue One - Review

Rogue One
Rogue One has been one of my most anticipated movies in recent times. I love Star Wars, with it being a huge part of my growing up. What I looked forward to about Rogue One was not just that it was set in the Star Wars universe, but it set up A New Hope, the movie I used to know simply as Star Wars. The trailers really seemed to have the feel of the original trilogy.

I was able to see the movie and must say that I have mixed feelings. The story did not make me really feel for the characters. I cared more about the new characters in The Force Awakens than those in Rogue One. I also thought the first half of the movie dragged quite a bit. I was not feeling too positive for a while.

Thankfully, the last half or so improved dramatically. The final battle really felt like Star Wars. It was very well done. There were also some characters that I did like. The droid K-2SO was very entertaining. I also liked Chirrut Îmwe who though blind, could see better than others. I also liked how they brought Grand Moff Tarkin back. Sure, it was easy to see it was CGI, but it was neat.

Rogue One was a good solid science fiction movie, but it wasn't great. I would actually say I enjoyed The Force Awakens more than Rogue One. It was a good movie and it fills in the blanks of what happened leading up to Episode IV. I'm glad I saw it and would happily watch it again but I hope next Star Wars movies are better.