Is the Last Jedi Really That Bad?

Before I saw the Last Jedi in the theatres, I heard reports that it was both the best and the worst Star Wars movie ever. Since then, I have heard more bad reports than good.

Some Star Wars fans are outraged by the movie, wishing it had never been filmed. Some feel that it is a betrayal of all things Star Wars.

I do think that the Last Jedi had it's problem. I thought whole quest to the casino planet subplot could have been left out. It was a distraction that didn't help the movie. I don't mean just the part where it was revealed that the same people were building weapons for both the First Order and the resistance. I thought that part was quite thought-provoking.

In general, I thought the Last Jedi was a decent movie. There was some good solid science fiction fun. I definitely don't think that it betrayed the Star Wars legacy. It was far better than Episodes I-III. There was actually a lot about it that I liked.

I think that perhaps some people take these things too seriously and they raise to high of a standard. Not every movie can be Dunkirk.

Last Jedi