Thor Ragnarok - Review

I didn't get a chance to see Thor Ragnarok in the theatre but I was really looking forward to seeing it when it was available for home release.

There was so much that looked good. It had a Thor and Hulk team-up. It had Cate Blanchett and Karl Urban playing the villains. It included a mix of mythology and science fiction. And I knew that it did very well at the theatres.

I will admit that I was quite disappointed once I saw it. The basic storyline was good. I liked the concept of Hela taking over Asgard and Thor needing to return from a distant planet where he was forced to fight as a gladiator.

But it was the execution that was the problem. Ragnarok tried too hard to be funny. I like humour as much as anyone and I understand DC has been criticized for being too dark and Marvel has had success with a lighter tone.

But to me, Ragnarok almost felt more like a parody of superhero movies rather than a superhero movie with touches of humour. I didn't mind Jeff Goldblum's humorous portrayal of the Grandmaster. Jeff does that well and the Grandmaster was a new character to the MCU. However, I couldn't stand the way they did the Hulk. He was fine in the fight with Thor but his characterization outside the fight was annoying.

Plus there were things that needed explanation. Why was the Hulk able to talk like that or remain as the Hulk when not angry? And how was it that the Hulk ended up on the same planet as Hulk?

This will be unpopular, but I actually enjoyed Justice League far more than I enjoyed Thor Ragnarok. Justice League was able to find a much better balance between the action and the jokes.